【Shadow Box】Shadow box: It's Tea Party time!!

I had a lot of great ideas when I saw this stamp set designed by Vianne Art& Craft!!   It looks like "Alice in Wonderland". Let's go to the Tea Party!

是的!看到 Vianne Art & Craft 第一款印章,簡直越看越有想法,就好像愛麗絲夢遊仙境般的,決定今天就來一場午茶邂逅吧!

Let's see who is here to have afternoon tea?


YAY!! It looks like everybody is here ready to have a great time with each other!!!

Look!! The direction is very easy to understand, right??
連箭頭指示都這麼完整 :)

What?? Did you see that? There are some guys hiding behind the gifts...

I used these colors to paint this sod!!

The clock is important, you can't forget the clock in Alice in Wonderland! Also, forks and spoons are necessary!!

You can see that everything is popped up on this side!!
側面就可以完整看出立體效果 :)

How is it possible that you don't have this stamp set??

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