【Shadow Box】Santa!! Please stop here!

This was a frame in the beginning, but the glass broke when I was trying to clean it up... Then,I changed my mind, " yup, I can use it like a shadow box!! " and the topic is still Santa!!

原本的木盒是一個相框,正當Hannie很努力的在將玻璃擦拭乾淨時....,玻璃因為禁不起Hannie滿滿的愛,於是它破了。。(當下還趕緊說了個:碎碎平安....   話說阿又不是過年...)  索性,就將它用shadow box的概念也不錯啊!主題仍不變,就是我們的聖誕爺爺~ :)

1) Use acid free painting to paint all of the frame white.
2) Use Acid Free sparkle embossing powder to sprinkle on modeling paste, and on Santa. After that,  use a heat gun to dried it all.
3) Use an acid free paper as the base paper, and distress all edges of it with distressing tool.
4) Organize your layers, this product has 5 layers, and Santa is the third layer.

5) Add some decoration that you wanna have in this project. Done!! :)

1) Hannie先是使用無酸顏料將木盒刷為白色。
2)使用無酸sparkle embossing powder,用手灑在modeling paste上面,還有聖誕爺爺全身,再用熱風槍吹乾,就會有閃亮閃亮的效果了。 
3) 決定好一張美術紙作為底色,用distressing tool將邊緣刷出破舊效果。
4) 一層一層決定排版及佈置,Hannie在這個作品中使用到五層的效果,聖誕爺爺在是第三層的位置唷!
5) 加上想要搭配的裝飾,完成 :)

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