【Home Decoration】Christmas Village!!

It's getting colder lately especially in the morning and night, which means it's time to start the Christmas holiday crafts season!! I decided to prepare Christmas decorations, so I went to this class @ Hearts-n-Crafts etc, 
and we finished this project and it is so pretty!!

最近日夜溫差起了變化,開始感覺到聖誕節的季節來了!Hannie趕緊到Hearts-n-Crafts etc.一起上課,完成這座 Christmas Village來增加家裡的聖誕氛圍~:)

You can see this model was made from solid concrete!!
Actually, It is very heavy!


 For Americans, scrapbooking is not only a professional occupation, 
is also a social activity.
It's necessary to eat cookies and chat while you are making a project.
It will be great if you can have a grab of red wine.

怕手油油的? 不會呀!就算手油油黃黃的,照樣scrapbooking噢!精神不滅!
(或許因為知道大家都會這樣,所以才會研發出無酸無毒的產品吧! XD )

It took 4.5 hours to finish this project, so we basically work from morning to sundown. Pat was so kind and very patience with us, and she even took her own treasure box to help us pick the best embellishments. 
I am so appreciative that she is so nice.

這個作品花了我們4.5小時才完成,儘管從天亮做到天黑,老師還是非常有耐心拿出她的小寶盒幫我們挑選合適的裝飾品。 這樣不遺餘力的專業態度,讓我很敬佩!

 Look at our finished projects!! Aren't they beautiful???
It only costed $40 to make 5 churches and foundation using concrete and other materials.
I hope I can take Patricia's class again!! :)


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